Decoration App - Transform your Home


With the house renovations characteristic of the end of the year, the decoration apps offer significant help.

With them, users can visualize how certain elements will behave in the environment in advance. 


In other words, with the help of these types of applications, people can save money. After all, the occurrence of failures or the purchase of the wrong material decreases.

This made painting walls and checking the furniture combination much easier. 


With that in mind, here are some of the best decoration apps for you to download for free and plan your environment.

Finally, very simply and with systems that are easy to use, but without losing functionality. Check out:

Houzz – One of the decoration apps with an excellent design gallery

among the others decoration apps, what stands out on “Houzz” is the large quantity, approximately 20 million high-resolution photos in its database.

This gallery is perfect for those looking for inspiration and ready-made models.

To locate subjects of interest, the user uses filters that are divided by style, environment and location.

Furthermore, the app also contains a list of articles and other materials published by designers providing useful tips and instructions.

This is also one of decoration apps which allows you to save and share projects with whoever the user wants.

Likewise, the Sketch tool allows you to take notes or draw directly on the app's photos. In other words, ideas are not lost. 

If you are looking for 3D decoration apps, Homestyler Design is a good alternative 

The “Homestyler” enters the list of decoration apps who can deliver design projects with the help of 3D resources.

In it, the user can create their own project by simply taking a photo of their environment or using a pattern from the application. 

The create platform offers three-dimensional furniture of different sizes and styles.

This feature, which may seem simple on the surface, is extremely important for combining furniture from different lines and knowing if it fits correctly in the space.

Furthermore, this is one of the decoration apps interactive, since within the platform itself, the user can open a discussion about their project with other people.

“Magicplan”: The application that allows you to create your own projects from scratch

The “Magicplan” is one of the decoration apps which also allows the construction of projects and plans.

In other words, the user enters the exact measurements or obtains them through a scanner or photos, and from them they can create their own floor plan. 

In addition, the application also features many other functions, such as creating structured reports, calculating costs and materials, generating PDFs among other file formats and much more. 

This is one of decoration apps which are available for free in application stores such as the Play Store and the App Store.

However, if you want access to even more tools, “Magicplan” also offers a paid plan. 

“Home interior decoration” is the best decoration app to plan complete environments 

Between the decoration apps, “Home Interior Decoration” stands out not only for its tools but also for its simplicity in usability.

Therefore, some of its main features are:

The “Home Interior Decoration” application works very similar to a game, sometimes leaving the tools very similar.

However, when a project is finalized, it gains contours and details that make it realistic. 

The app has a catalog available with more than 5,000 pieces of furniture, as well as pre-defined designs for those who still don't know where to start.

Although it is very complete, if the user wishes, they can still expand the options, for example, with a paid version. 

Currently, this is one of the decoration apps which is available for free download from app stores like the Google Play Store.

Its last update was in November 2021, and its size is 94M for Android 5.0 or higher.

Download the best among decoration apps right now 

In this article, several decoration apps useful information were presented. Now, it's time to find out how to download them for free on your cell phone or tablet.

So stop to go down, first check if your device is connected to a Wi-Fi internet network. Second, go to your corresponding app store.

On Android it is the Google Play Store and on the IOS system it is the App Store. 

After that, go to the search field and type the name of the desired app. Confirm and when it appears in the list, read the information and click the “Install” button.

The file download will start and when it finishes, its icon will appear on the screen. Ready!