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For lovers of mixed martial arts, the traditional (MMA), us at Doutor Android, will present you with a completely free app, which will allow you to access the Combat online TV channel. The famous channel with its various events following fights.

Therefore, if you like UFC, be sure to read this article and understand how to access the online combat channel TV. Let's talk here, a little about this gigantic universe that moves millions around the world.


So, let's unravel a little of this subject, which has been causing a lot of interest. You will see that Brazil is a true breeding ground for these great stars. Find out how to have completely free access to the main events in online combat channel TV.

UFC online combat channel TV

However, for those who don't know, the meaning of UFC (an English acronym) is Ultimate Fighting Championship. The American mixed martial arts committee is also known as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This organization is not limited to a single style and promotes several, such as: jiu-jitsu, karate, muay thai, boxing, among others.


Therefore, the organization's main focus was to find the best fighter on the planet, regardless of this fighter's fighting style. As the UFC is based on simple rules of combat, it was considered a competition, which determines the most effective martial art in terms of combat without weapons.

Therefore, many do not know that our Vale Tudo Brasileiro was the main inspiration for the first heavyweight UFC event, held in 1993 in the United States.

How do UFC rules work?

It may sound crazy, but in the beginning, the first UFC had only two rules: Don't put your finger in your opponent's eyes or bite. In this way brutality and violence were the main characteristics of the fights.

Given this, over time the fighters realized that to reach the top, they would need to specialize in other fighting styles, thus improving training and bringing other practices to their daily lives. Because of this, the vast majority of fighters now have different skills.

So there are three basic ways to win a fight. They are: Decision of the judges, submission or the famous knockout. The organization currently has seven weight classes ranging from 57kg to 120kg. Before the fight, there is an event that is actually the weigh-in, which serves to confirm the fighter's presence in the fight.

Some of the biggest names in the sport.

Certainly, the first fight in UFC history took place in November 1993, from that date to the present day, we had the immense joy of seeing the main fighters of the organization, demonstrating their skills in splendid fights in the rings around the world.

Therefore, here is a short list of the 10 greatest and main fighters of all time for the UFC. Respecting the other names, we will use some criteria such as titles, and the highest number of victories won in the organization.

So, let's get down to business.

Where to watch UFC Combate fights online?

After exposing this short list with the main UFC names, you must be wondering: How can I access these fights? Well, we are going to show you an excellent application, and with it you will have access to all this content online combat channel TV totally free.

Unexpectedly, this sport has conquered thousands of people all over the world, and for lovers of Mixed Martial Arts, we have created an app that will make it much easier for you to access this content.

Therefore, we will show you in detail how and where to download this application. With a calendar filled with great fights every month. The UFC has an average of 20 major events every year, always bringing a lot of entertainment to everyone who likes and even practices the sport.

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Therefore, if you, my dear reader, made it this far, thank you very much for enjoying our content. Anyway, after we better understand the world of fights, we are going to introduce you to this fantastic app, which will certainly be another option to follow this wonderful sport that is MMA.

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