Anki App - Best Flashcards App


O anki app is one of the tools you can install on your cell phone that is part of a study technique that is widely used in countries like the United States and Europe. In Brazil, its potential is starting to be recognized. 

This is a flashcards application, which are the representation of small pieces of paper, cards or cards that bring a question and an answer on each verse. Its purpose is to focus on memorizing the information. 


Thinking about how the anki app can help in your studies, we separate in this article some of the most relevant information about it and this differentiated study method. So, be sure to follow along: 

Are flashcards like the one in the Anki app really effective in studying?

Flashcards such as those offered in anki app can really help with your studies. That's because it consists of the idea of always trying to guess the answers to the questions on the card and, with that, it does an exercise for your memory. 


That is, the more mental processes you perform in your studies, the more active and prepared you will be for the subject you studied. Therefore, it is an excellent method for memorizing formulas, dates, important names and other information.

This all happens because while you use the anki app to assemble your flashcards, this content is gradually recorded in your long-term memory. Thus, you can learn faster in a less massive way. 

How does the organization of cards work in this application?

The organization of the content sheets of the anki app work automatically. That is, the program itself already creates an optimized organization for you for all your content, including your reviews and your articles. 

That way, as you study the content and you get it right, it makes that option appear less often. If you make a mistake, it will appear more often. Thus, it is much easier to memorize the most complicated subjects. 

An important organization tip is to create folders within the app. Whether to separate the sheets by subject or other criteria of your choice. With that, whenever you start a study session, it's easier to find and focus on the right subjects.  

Check out these tips you can't miss for your studies 

When you start assembling your flashcards in anki app, you might be a little lost on what to do exactly. So we separate some tips that can help you. The first is to use symbols or drawings for the questions. 

Another tip is that you always shuffle the cards, so that you don't get addicted to the order of the answers. It is also important to take care to write down only the essential information. Also, asking someone else to ask the questions also helps. 

Finally, don't worry about how long your study will take. Remember that the main objective is for you to be able to retain all the information. That is, that you develop a good ability to memorize the content. 

Learn how to use flashcards correctly 

To use flashcards from anki app correctly, we have separated below some steps that make a total difference in your study with them. Therefore, please read the following information carefully: 

Another important point that many people forget when using the anki app is that the contents need to be written in your own words. That is, no using the "copy and paste" directly from your study sources. 

Thus, you can explain the matter both in your question and in your answer in a simpler way, with your usual vocabulary. Using more informal language will also contribute to faster memorization. 

Finally, know that you can create cards in anki app as many different subjects as you want. However, always consider your own study schedule, so you don't let your dedication to one subject get in the way of others. 

Download the Anki app on your smartphone right now 

Now that you know more about the anki app as well as tips for your studies, see the step-by-step guide on how to download it.

For to go down, see your Wi-Fi internet connection and then open your app store. Remember that in the iPhone IOS system it is the App Store and in the Android system it is the Google Play Store. 

Then, in the search field type the name “Anki”, but without the quotes. After checking the results, click on the “Install” button. Once finished, the icon will appear on your screen and in the apps menu. Ready! Just login and start studying.